Over the past 30 years, ABIP has carried out a strategic role in asserting itself as a highly skilled developer of ever more sophisticated and exclusive tanning techniques, making itself known for its calf skin production for the shoe, leather garment and clothing industries and, above all, establishing itself as a producer of excellent quality leather. Thanks to the company's unequalled innovative ability and its extraordinary creativity, ABIP has throughout its history, unswervingly year in and year out, presented articles of great success such as Pony®, Bulgaro, Bulgarino, Mordoré, Anilvernice, Vernimor, Java, Aqua, Meadow to name only a few.
Pony - our registered product
ABIP,now a brand of russo di casandrino, has an important role in the haute couture sector working alongside the world's most important fashion designers

full-grain leather

suede leather

patent leather


hair-on leather
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